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Where to from here - Sunday Gatherings

Under the COVID Protection Framework there will be three ways to partake in HCC's Sunday Gatherings, starting from Sunday 12 December:

  1. Meeting together at 120 Picton Street - a valid My Vaccine Pass will be required, and at Red these meetings will have a limit of 100 people (this may result in being turned away if our limit is reached). 

  2. Gathering together in homes - this is for people who still want to gather but are not comfortable with large groups, or are not able to join at 120 Picton Street (some of these gatherings will require My Vaccine Passes, some will not). Contact for more information.

  3. Streaming online - all of our services will be streamed via our website for those who are not yet ready, or are unable to gather together

TUPU Program will be running and coffee & tea will be served after the church service.

What is covered above outlines what Sunday gatherings will look like under the COVID Protection Framework, not what church will look like. Our church is not a building, but a community of people who follow Jesus - the body of Christ.
Being the church will continue to be what it has always been, and what over the last two years we have been reminded of -  sharing, caring and breaking bread together daily (Acts 2:42-47), to be the visible expression of God to the world so his glory can be known. If you have the time you may want to revisit our Be the Church mini series from April 2020.