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What anchors you? Who anchors you?

Some people will call this the silly season. There is nothing silly about Christmas. God in His wisdom has sent us an Anchor in the form of His Son Jesus the Christ. Someone to ground us. So that we can be rooted and grounded in Him.

Hebrews 6:18-19 says “So God has given both his promise and his oath. These two things are unchangeable because it is impossible for God to lie. Therefore, we who have fled to him for refuge can have great confidence as we hold to the hope that lies before us. This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls…”

“A strong and trustworthy Anchor…” We are often convinced that nothing is trustworthy or stable anymore, the planet has become shaky and unstable. Scripture assures us that we have access to a strong and trustworthy anchor. We are anchored in the hope that God will keep his promise, his Word.

A messiah was promised, and a messiah had come.

We are also given the option to “flee to him for refuge…” When we go to God for safety, for refuge, we have the assurance of being anchored in Him. An anchor is often needed in times of storms, instability or trying times. It requires faith to trust that the anchor will hold. To be anchored by God is to be at home with Him and free to follow Him in the world.

Faith is not merely holding on to God – faith is also understanding that God is holding on to us. He holds us. He won’t let us go.

Throughout our study of Samuel, we saw how Samuel, the prophet and David, the shepherd, were anchored to God, while Eli and Saul became untethered.

Jesus said: “Count the cost of being my disciple.” So, what will it cost us to achieve this? What risks will we take to achieve this? Will our anchors hold in times of trying and testing?

Calvin Miller wrote: “A passion to obey Christ is born out of our relationship with Him. The more we love Him, the more we want Him to be part of our affairs.”

Forever rooted and grounded in Christ.